AI Voice Cloning: Your 2023 Guide to Digital Doppelgängers

Ever wished you could copy your voice and use it in a video game, an ad, an audio file, or digital audio?

With AI voice cloning software, this is not just possible but might become common by 2023.

We’ve made this guide to tell you all about AI voice cloning. It’s great for YouTubers, podcasters, and filmmakers who want deep learning and to create voice doubles.

Ready to learn more about AI Voice Cloning? Let’s jump in!

AI voice cloning guide Voice Cloning 2024

How does voice cloning work?

Voice cloning, also called human voice copying, is a cool new tech that’s getting popular.

It uses special software to study how someone talks and makes a digital copy of their voice.

This amazing tech lets users make a voice that sounds just like the original, including the way they talk and their tone of voice. With this, users can easily make messages, calls, or even voiceovers in the same voice as the voice model of the original speaker.

Voice cloning software is changing how we talk and will keep evolving in cool ways in the future.

The Best Voice Cloning Software

Here are some of the best Voice Cloning Tools currently available.


HeyGen AI Video Generator Voice Cloning 2024

HeyGen is a super cool voice cloning software. It does a person’s voice just like a wizard in the world of AI technology. It uses AI to help users make professional videos fast.

It has many AI characters and voices for voice cloning, so you can make content in many languages.

The best part? It can even create videos where the characters look like they’re really talking!


  • Easy to use, lots of characters and voices for voice cloning, free credits for new users


  • Not many customization options, it’s pretty new


Free trial; Creator plan starts at $29/month.

Benefits: Saves time, makes content more engaging, saves money.

Tip: Use the free credits to try out different characters and voices for voice cloning.


AI Voice Generator Versatile Text to Speech Software Murf AI Voice Cloning 2024

Murf is a star in the universe of AI-based voice cloning software. It has loads of AI voices, giving you lots of options for voice cloning.

You can use it to create different types of audio content, like podcasts or audiobooks. It’s also easy to use, so whether you’re an expert or a beginner, you can use Murf to create high-quality audio content.

And with so many free voices to choose from, you’ll always have new ways to make your content unique and fun.


  • High-quality AI voices, lots of free voices, easy to use for voice cloning


  • Not many advanced editing tools

Pros: High-quality AI voices, lots of free voices, easy to use for voice cloning.

Cons: Not many advanced editing tools.

Price: Free version; Basic plans start at $29/month.

Benefits: Big library of AI voices, works well with other apps, great for podcasts and audiobooks.

Advice: Try out the free AI voices before buying a plan.


Free Real Time Voice Changer for PC Voice ai Voice Cloning 2024

Voice.AI is a powerful tool for making synthetic voices.

This voice cloning software uses smart AI to copy accents and languages from the target voice, making your text to speech sound real.

It supports many languages, so you can create content for people all over the world. Plus, it’s easy to use, so anyone can start voice cloning with Voice.AI.


  • Supports many languages and accents, easy to use for voice cloning


  • Not as many voice styles as other platforms


Ask for pricing details.

Benefits: Good for making content in many languages, great for businesses around the world.

Resemble AI

AI Voice Generator with Text to Speech Voice Cloning 2024

Resemble AI is a top voice actor and cloning software that can make super realistic voice clones. It’s perfect for adding voices to videos or making ads.

With Resemble AI, you can create voices that sound just like real people. This can make your projects more engaging and fun.

The software also lets you customize different voices, so you can create the perfect voice for any project.


  • High-quality AI voices, easy online voice cloning


  • It might take some time to learn how to use it


Pay-as-you-go Basic plan costs $0.006 per second.

Benefits: Customizable voices, great for video production and gaming.


Descript is an all-in-one audio recording and editing software

Descript is an all-in-one audio recording and editing software. It has voice cloning and text-to-speech features.

You can use it to turn your written content into exciting audio. It has advanced tools that make the process easy, even for beginners.

The text-to-speech feature is especially useful for making podcasts or audiobooks, as it lets you turn written content into high-quality audio.


  • Advanced editing tools, text-to-speech feature


  • It might be hard for beginners


Free version; Creator plans start at $15/month.

Benefits: It makes podcast production easier and includes transcription services.

Play HT

AI Voice Generator Realistic Text to Speech Online PlayHT Voice Cloning 2024

Play HT is a voice cloning software that makes it easy and affordable to turn text into speech.

It’s great for bloggers and content creators who want to turn their written content into audio files. The software is simple to use and produces high-quality audio that can make your content more appealing.

Even though it supports many languages, its voice cloning features are particularly impressive.


  • Easy to use, affordable voice cloning software


  • It doesn’t support many languages


Starts at $9/month.

Benefits: Great for making audio blogs, supports multiple languages.


Lifelike Text to Speech TTS ReadSpeaker Voice Cloning 2024

ReadSpeaker is a voice cloning software that provides high-quality, lifelike, synthetic voices.

It’s perfect for e-learning, as it can make learning materials more engaging and easier to understand.

The software makes voices that sound incredibly real, helping learners engage with the content. ReadSpeaker supports many languages, so you can create learning material for people around the world.

Plus, it’s easy to use, so even beginners can start voice cloning with ReadSpeaker.


  • High-quality synthetic voices, great for e-learning


  • No free trial


Subscribe from €4,90/month.

Benefits: Makes learning better, and supports multiple languages.


Before you invest in voice cloning software, ensure it meets your needs. Most platforms offer a free trial or version – use this to test the tool’s voice cloning capabilities before you decide.

Advantages of Voice Cloning Software

Voice cloning software is a cool tool that can make your life or job easier.

With this new tech, you can record what you say and make a digital copy of your voice. It’s as easy as clicking a few buttons.

There are lots of good things about voice cloning software. It can save you time and money and make talking with others better and more efficient.

With a digital version of your voice, you can make pre-recorded messages for people, talk faster with your coworkers, or even teach AI systems. There’s so much you can do!

So why not try out this new tech? See how voice cloning software can change how you work and talk.

Looking Ahead: Cool Stuff with AI Voice Cloning

AI voice cloning isn’t just a passing fad. It’s a growing tech that’s changing the future of audio content. More and more businesses are seeing how cool voice cloning can be, and it’s being used in lots of new ways.

From making custom voices for AI helpers to reading out eBooks, voice cloning is making a big splash.

Even voice actors are using these tools to make their voice work more diverse and unique. But it’s not about replacing human voices. Instead, voice cloning technology can add to our audio experiences, giving us new ways to interact with technology.

But with all this power, we need to be careful. As the tech gets better, we need to think about how to use it responsibly.

AI Voice Cloning ROBOT dancing

There are worries about deepfake voices, unauthorized use of famous voices, and other possible misuse of the tech.

Despite these issues, voice cloning has a lot of potential, and it’s exciting to see where it will go.

Let’s look at some ways AI voice cloning is shaking things up in audio content:

Voice cloning in gaming: Imagine playing a game where the characters talk in your own unique voice or your friends’ voices. This could make gaming really personal.

Bringing back voices: Voice cloning can bring back the voices of historical figures or loved ones. We could hear speeches that were never given or hear the voices of people who are no longer with us.

Personal AI helpers: In the future, AI helpers could talk in the voices we like best. They could sound like our favorite celebrities or our loved ones.

Helping everyone: For people who can’t speak, voice cloning gives them a way to talk in a voice that’s uniquely theirs. This makes tech more inclusive and open to everyone.

Remember, the world of AI voice cloning is still changing. It’s important to keep track of new trends, tech, and rules in this area. After all, the only limit to what we can do with artificial intelligence and voice cloning is our imagination!

Let’s answer some common questions:

Q: What’s the top voice cloning program?

A: The “best” depends on what you need and can afford. But, Resemble AI is a great choice. It has lots of unique voice options and high-quality sound.

Q: What’s the best free voice clone software?

A: Some voice cloning software has free versions or trials. One example is Descript. But remember, you often get what you pay for. Free versions might not be as good as paid ones.

Q: Which AI voice cloning is most realistic?

A: The most realistic voice cloning sounds just like a real person talking. Voice.AI does a great job at this. It uses advanced AI to make voice filters turn text into lifelike speech.

Q: How can I clone my own voice?

A: To clone your voice, you’ll need voice cloning software like Lyrebird or Resemble AI. You record some phrases or sentences, and the speech synthesis software learns how you talk. Then it can make new audio that sounds like you!

Q: How can voice actors use voice cloning software?

A: Voice actors can use voice cloning software to get better at their job and try new things. They can record their voice, change the output, and play with different tones and accents. This helps them create new characters and expand their skills. Plus, a digital clone of their voice lets them take on more work without straining their voice.

Final Words

As AI voice cloning gets bigger, there’s so much cool stuff we can do with it.

YouTubers, podcasters, and filmmakers can make digital copies of their own voices. This saves time and energy. Characters in video games can feel more real. We can hear the voices of famous people from history for machine learning. AI helpers can sound more like you.

What’s really awesome is how this tech can help include everyone across all platforms. But we have to be ready for things like deepfakes. Still, the power of AI is amazing.

Now is the perfect time to see what AI can do and use it to our advantage!

To see all the cool things you can do with AI voice cloning, try HeyGen for free today!